What is biofumigation?

The basic definition is to harness the natural chemical agents of plants to suppress weeds, fungal pathogens and insects.

Why choose biofumigation?

Healthy soil is a complex web of organisms living in balance. Many chemical pesticides and herbicides destroy this delicate system. Biofumigation is an all-natural way to protect and nurture your soil, as well as keep toxic chemical runoff out of our water supply, and protect the health of farmers and their families.

How does Mighty Mustard® biofumigate?

Mighty Mustard® contains high levels of glucosinolates, chemical agents that make certain members of the brassica family spicy. Mighty Mustard’s® glucosinolates also deliver a deadly punch to many soilborne pathogens, nematodes and weeds, making them an effective, all-natural alternative to chemical insecticides and herbicides.

How Mighty Mustard® improves soil health:

  • Sinalbin (a.ka. 4-hydroxybenzyl) glucosinolates target weed germination
  • Sinigrin (a.k.a. allyl or 2-propenyl) glucosinolates suppress some soilborne pathogens and harmful nematodes
  • Tests negative for black rot and blackleg
  • Captures nutrients with deep taproots
  • Recycles & redistributes nitrogen in soil profile
  • Increases active soil organic matter that feeds soil microbes
  • Reduces nutrient runoff
  • Improves soil aeration & water penetration
  • Reduces wind & water erosion
  • Stores carbon


Why choose Mighty Mustard® for biofumigation?

  1. Reduces fertilizer and pesticide costs
    While Mighty Mustard® is not as effective as chemical herbicides and pesticides, growers have found that it either reduces or eliminates the amount of chemicals they apply to their crops. The soil-building benefits of Mighty Mustard®, combined with its ability to recycle nitrogen from deep in the soil profile, also help growers reduce their fertilizer applications. For more general information about mustard green manures, please read this research from Washington State University.
  2. Recycles & redistributes nitrogen in the soil profile
    Mighty Mustard® taproots can grow 2 to 6 feet, depending on the growing conditions. These taproots pull nitrogen from deep in the soil profile, and push it up into the plant’s leaves. After you incorporate the Mighty Mustard® green manure, this nitrogen is readily accessible to your crops.
  3. Plant-variety-protected, certified planting seed
  4. Verified Non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project
  5. Safe for organic and sustainable farms & gardens
  6. Suitable for no-till and low-till farming production systems
  7. Grown sustainably by a family of farmers in the Pacific Northwest
  8. Improves the long-term health of soil
    When you grow Mighty Mustard,® you add organic matter to your soil, as well as improve tilth, reduce wind & water erosion, and eliminate or reduce the use of toxic chemicals.  
  9. Versatility
    In addition to Mighty Mustard’s® proven benefits, ongoing research is revealing new uses, such as a trap crop for the crucifer flea beetle, a potential tool for orchard floor management, and as a soil rehabilitator that transforms abandoned inner-city lots into flourishing organic community gardens. For more information, please visit our research page.

Is Mighty Mustard® as effective as chemical pesticides and herbicides?

No. Mighty Mustard® is all-natural planting seed, not a lab-created chemical mixture. Like all crops, our mustards are affected by environmental growing conditions, which can impact their growth rate and glucosinolate levels. Please keep in mind that Mighty Mustard® provides additional benefits to the soil that commercial treatments don’t. To learn more about Mighty Mustard’s® benefits, please read, “What can Mighty Mustard® do for me?”

Would you like more information?

Please call Kim or Matt at PNW Co-op, (509) 487-0755, or send an e-mail to: info@MightyMustard.com


"This stuff really works!"

"We were plagued with a ground vine and a family of bugs that consumed one plant a year.  My neighbors complain of heavy weeds and marvel at our garden!  Yes, I will be looking for Mighty Mustard® this fall to confirm my beliefs, that this stuff really works!  Thanks!

- Darrell Brown, organic gardener

Spokane, WA