Cropping Applications

Soil Health Benefits

Sinigrin glucosinolates (a.k.a. Allyl or 2-Propenyl) in Kodiak & Pacific Gold

reduce pathogens & some harmful nematodes

Sinalbin glucosinolates (a.k.a. 4-Hydroxybenzyl) in White Gold

suppress broadleaf weeds & reduce some harmful nematodes

Captures & redistributes Nitrogen in soil profile

Stores carbon

Increases active Soil Organic Matter that feeds soil microbes

Reduces nutrient runoff

Captures soil nutrients with deep taproots

Improves soil aeration & water penetration

Reduces wind & water erosion

Tests negative for black rot & blackleg

Bonus benefits

Food source for pollinators

Trap crop for crucifer flea beetles & cabbage aphids

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