Mighty Mustard 2014 Harvest Update

Here is the latest update on our 2014 Mighty Mustard crops as of 12/04/2014:

- The Pacific Gold seed has been cleaned and has passed Certified Seed Standards!  This seed will be moving out to all of our trusted distributors ASAP.

- The IdaGold seed is being cleaned now and samples are already on their way to the lab.  We should have results back within 2 weeks.  If the seed passes Certification, it will be made available to all of our distributors ASAP.

- Our Kodiak and White Gold crops essentially failed due to sustained high temps and no rain in the dryland growing areas this summer.  We did get a small amount of Kodiak harvested (and a very small amount of White Gold, but not enough to sell), but the seed did not meet Certified Seed standards due to the presence of a small amount of lambsquarter seed that we were unable to clean out.  These varieties will be unavialable this year.


For up to date information, feel free to call Matt or Kim @ 509.487.0755.

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