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Photo and story courtesy of Lancaster Farming.

Understanding the Economic Impacts of Cover Crops

Source: Lancaster Farming One of the most frequently-asked questions about cover crops is: Do they pay?  Well, a new report answers that question. “If you ...
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Cover Crops Improve Pennsylvania Soil

Discover how Pennsylvania growers are using cover crops to reduce soil erosion.
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Mighty Mustard® Pacific Gold Reduces Charcoal Rot in Soybeans

A Kansas State University research study revealed that a cover crop of high-glucosinolate Pacific Gold mustard reduced charcoal rot in soybean production.
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Midwest Cover Crops Council Releases New Cover Crops Recipes

The Midwest Cover Crops Council just released new recipes for farmers interested in adding cover crops to their corn and soybean rotations.
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Exploring Improved Soil Health in Columbia Basin Potato Production

Potato growers in Washington’s Columbia Basin have long used mustard cover crops and reduced tillage to boost soil health.
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Using Science & On-Farm Research to Investigate Cover Crops in Iowa

Nearly 60% of the trials in Practical Farmers of Iowa’s Cooperators’ Program have involved cover crops. What they learned about cover crops’ impact on crop ...
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World Champion Pumpkin Grower Relies on Mighty Mustard® Kodiak

Ron Wallace, world champion giant pumpkin grower and owner of Wallace Organic Wonder, relies on an annual cover crop of Kodiak to suppress soilborne diseases ...
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Renowned Organic Farmer Relies on Mighty Mustard® to Boost Soil Health

Mighty Mustard® cover crops and trap crops have been a staple for nearly 10 years at certified organic farm Greentree Naturals in Sandpoint, ID. Owner/farmer ...
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Illinois Grower Tests Mighty Mustard® in Standing Corn Crop

Trenton Carley, farmer and owner of Full Throttle Ag Services in Milford, IL, planted a mix of Mighty Mustard® Trifecta Power Blend™️ and other cover ...
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New Report Answers the Question, “When Do Cover Crops Pay?”

A new S.A.R.E. report that’s based on five years of national cover crop surveys helps farmers identify practices that can help cover crops pay off ...
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What is Biofumigation and its Connection to Soil Health?

How do the glucosinolates in Mighty Mustard® and other brassica cover crops impact soil health?
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Understanding the Role of Soil Organic Matter

New discoveries are changing the way scientists view the role of soil organic matter in overall soil health.
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Using Manure to Boost Cover Crop Benefits

Cover crops and manure can be a dynamic duo that slows nutrient loss, but there are some caveats.
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Microbes Key to Soil Health

Cover crops are proven to feed the microbes that are essential to healthy soils. But there’s more to the story.
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WSU: Cover Crop Monoculture vs Mixture Update

Dr. Andrew McGuire of Washington State University shares his “2018 Cover Crop Monoculture vs Mixture Update.”
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The 12 Gifts of Cover Crops

If improving the health of your soil and forage system are on your 2019 to-do list, cover crops are worth investigating.
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Practical Farmers of Iowa: 2015 Cover Crop Research Report

Practical Farmers of Iowa has released their 2014-15 Research Trial Report, and it shows Mighty Mustard® Kodiak (brown mustard) as being a very strong performer ...
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Single-Species Cover Crops vs Cover Crop Cocktails

When it comes to cover crops, is it more beneficial to plant monocrops or cocktails? Dr. Andy McGuire from WSU’s Center for Sustaining Agriculture and ...
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Mighty Mustard® Kodiak: A Proven Biofumigant

Diane Green, esteemed organic farmer and owner of Greentree Naturals Certified Organic Farm in Sandpoint, ID, shared the following results from 2014.
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In-Field Results: Mighty Mustard® Improves Soil Fertility & Builds Biomass

Diane Green, esteemed organic farmer, educator and owner of Greentree Naturals Certified Organic Farm, grows Mighty Mustard® for multiple reasons: to build biomass, increase soil ...
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