How Mighty Mustard® improves soil health:

  • Sinalbin (a.k.a. 4-hydroxybenzyl) glucosinolates target weed germination
  • Sinigrin (a.k.a. allyl or 2-propenyl) glucosinolates suppress soilborne pathogens & harmful nematodes
  • Tests negative for black rot and blackleg
  • Captures nutrients with deep taproots
  • Recycles & redistributes nitrogen in soil profile
  • Increases active soil organic matter that feeds soil microbes
  • Reduces nutrient runoff
  • improves soil aeration & water penetration
  • Reduces wind & water erosion
  • Stores carbon
  • Provide an all-natural alternative to toxic chemicals

  1. Suppress weeds & soilborne pathogens
    Mighty Mustard® contains high levels of glucosinolates, natural chemical agents that make certain members of the brassica family spicy. Mighty Mustard’s® glucosinolates deliver a deadly punch to many soilborne pathogens and weeds, making them an effective, all-natural alternative to chemical herbicides. Mighty Mustard® is also a fast-growing cover crop that quickly crowds out weeds. Mighty Mustard® has been found to suppress sclerotinia, Verticillium wilt, rhizoctonia, fusarium, and apahanamyces. In fact, the chemical makeup of Mighty Mustard’s® glucosinolates is similar to many synthethic commercial treatments, including the fungicide metam sodium.
  2. Reduce insects
    The all-natural glucosinolates in Mighty Mustard® are the basis for many commercial pesticides, including Vapam and Vorlex. Our mustards will not totally eliminate insects, as do some chemical treatments. But unlike chemicals, Mighty Mustard® provides multiple benefits while improving soil health. Please note that flea leaf beetles and cabbage aphids are attracted to Mighty Mustard® plants. This may be good news for organic growers, as new research is uncovering Pacific Gold’s success as a trap crop for the crucifer flea beetle.
  3. Increase organic matter
    Mighty Mustard® is a fast-growing cover crop, with plant heights reaching up to 6 feet. Once you incorporate the above-ground plant material, or biomass, into your soil, the new organic matter will break down, supporting beneficial fungus and bacteria. According to our agronomist, every 1 percent of organic matter in the soil converts to 20 pounds of nitrogen.
  4. Recycle & redistribute nitrogen in the soil profile
    Mighty Mustard® taproots can grow 2 to 6 feet, depending on the growing conditions. These taproots pull nitrogen from deep in the soil profile, and push it up into the plant’s leaves. When you incorporate chopped Mighty Mustard® into the soil, you then redistribute the nitrogen to the top two feet of soil, making it readily accessible to the roots of your fruits, vegetables and other crops.
  5. Reduce wind & water erosion
    During its growth cycle, the mustard’s root structure breaks the hard pan in soil, creating new pathways for water and the root expansion of future crops. Mighty Mustard’s® taproots, which can range from 2 to 6 feet in length, improve tilth and water infiltration, thereby reducing wind and water erosion.
  6. Improve the long-term health of soil
    When you grow Mighty Mustard,® you add organic matter to your soil, as well as improve tilth, prevent wind & water erosion, and eliminate or reduce the use of toxic chemicals. You’re actually adding new life to your soil, feeding the beneficial microorganisms that support healthy soil. Mighty Mustard’s® benefits are cumulative, so the more often you grow it, the healthier your soil becomes.
  7. Sequester carbon
    Like all plants, Mighty Mustard® pulls carbon dioxide from the air into the soil. But our mustards go a bit farther. They actually help reduce or eliminate the need for petroleum-based chemical soil amendments. Mighty Mustard® also helps hold soil and water in the field, reducing erosion.
  8. Provide an all-natural alternative to toxic chemicals
    The only ingredient in Mighty Mustard® is mustard. No man-made toxins that will harm you, your children or pets. Granted, our mustards aren’t as effective as chemicals, and they require more work. But if you were interested in shortcuts, you wouldn’t be reading this, would you?
  9. Where can I buy Mighty Mustard®?
    Click HERE to go to our Where To Buy section for a list of retailers and distributors. We’re constantly reaching out to new retailers and distributors nationwide to find new partners, so stay tuned! For questions, please call Kim or Matt at PNW Co-op, located in Spokane, WA. Our phone number is (509) 487-0755. You may also send an e-mail to:

For more information, please visit our FAQ page, or click on Varieties, Background, or Uses.


"We love it as a cover crop."

"Mustard is an excellent cover crop/green manure because it is a fast germinating seed."

"It is most definitely a good cover crop for early spring crops like spinach and lettuce."

- Diane Green, Greentree Naturals

Sandpoint, Idaho