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Mighty Mustard® Kodiak: A Proven Biofumigant

Diane Green, esteemed organic farmer and owner of Greentree Naturals Certified Organic Farm in Sandpoint, ID, shared the following results from 2014:

"Our experiments with the Kodiak last year were pretty conclusive as to the biofumigant properties.  We planted it pretty thick in a couple of beds that were quite weedy from the previous year; then tilled it under and waited three weeks before transplanting into one bed.  Waited five weeks on the other bed before transplanting into it, and the weed suppression was outstanding!"
Putting Mighty Mustard® to work in 2015
Diane is continually conducting research on her farm, and we're honored that she's planning to include Mighty Mustard® in her 2015 trials:

"This year, we are going to allow some portions of the gardens to only be planted in Mighty Mustard® for cover crop/green manure, till it under, wait, repeat and see how that does for soil improvement and weed control. Anxious to see how this works out, and as always, will document the process."

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Mighty Mustard® Kodiak, growing at Greentree Naturals Certified Organic Farm, summer of 2014.


Mighty Mustard® is right at home in organic gardens

As a long time grower in Sandpoint, Idaho, Diane Green has a lot of experience with cover crops.  Finding crops that grow well on her farm, Greentree Naturals, is challenging due to her northern climate and wildlife that frequently visit.  But she's found success with Mighty Mustard®.

"We love it as a cover crop and are certain that it will benefit our spring planting," Diane said.  "I think it is a good one to use following spring crops like spinach and lettuce, for sure."

There are other reasons Diane plants Mighty Mustard® in her lush, organic gardens.

"I am a great advocate for crop rotation and the importance of replenishing the soil with cover crops whenever possible.  Mustard is an excellent cover crop/green manure because it is a fast germinating seed."

To learn more about Diane and her farm, please visit her online at


Baltimore, MD establishes new roots with Mighty Mustard®

Mighty Mustard® is helping dedicated voulnteers in Baltimore, MD transform abandoned lots into bountiful community gardens.  Known as the Hamilton Crop Circle, this unique project is "uniting a community through gardening".

Arthur Morgan, the founder of Hamilton Crop Circle, chose Mighty Mustard® to rehabilitate long-fallow dirt in old parking lots and area hillsides and has been pleased with the results.

"Mighty Mustard® really works and grows like crazy!  It could very easily work in the entire city of Baltimore.  There is a great need for lot and soil amending."

We're proud to donate Mighty Mustard® to the Hamilton Crop Circle and help support the hard-working volunteers and students who are providing fresh organic produce to local familes and businesses.

To learn more about Hamilton Crop Circle, please visit them online at

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"This stuff really works!"

"We were plagued with a ground vine and a family of bugs that consumed one plant a year.  My neighbors complain of heavy weeds and marvel at our garden!  Yes, I will be looking for Mighty Mustard this fall to confirm my beliefs, that this stuff really works!  Thanks!

- Darrell Brown, organic gardener

Spokane, WA