World Champion Pumpkin Grower Relies on Mighty Mustard® Kodiak

Ron Wallace, world champion giant pumpkin grower and owner of Wallace Organic Wonder, relies on an annual cover crop of Kodiak to suppress soilborne diseases and recycle nutrients. “The biggest benefit to me is its ability to knock down disease levels in my soil, along with suppression of weeds and adding organic matter. Mighty Mustard® is the key to building the long-term health of my soil. My favorite cover crop!”

Ron shared the following update and photo June 19, 2019 from Wallace Farms in Greene, RI: “Five thousand square feet of Kodiak Mighty Mustard® in full bloom! Ready to chop and till under.”

Photo courtesy of Ron Wallace of Wallace Organic Wonder

Soil tests are key to monitoring the overall health of his pumpkin and vegetable plots. In 2016, Ron shared test results demonstrating the efficacy of Mighty Mustard® in reducing Pythium and Phytophthora. The “before” test results are here, and the “after” results are here.

For more information about how Ron Wallace incorporates Mighty Mustard® cover crops into his award-winning crop rotations, please contact him through his website.

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