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Mighty Mustard® cover crops have been put to the test by everyone from organic vegetable farmers in Idaho, to corn growers in Illinois, and giant pumpkin growers in Rhode Island. Read their unfiltered feedback to learn how Mighty Mustard® performed on their farms.

Recent Testimonials

World Champion Pumpkin Grower Relies on Mighty Mustard® Kodiak

Ron Wallace, world champion giant pumpkin grower and owner of Wallace Organic Wonder, relies on an annual cover crop of Kodiak to suppress soilborne diseases ...
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Renowned Organic Farmer Relies on Mighty Mustard® to Boost Soil Health

Mighty Mustard® cover crops and trap crops have been a staple for nearly 10 years at certified organic farm Greentree Naturals in Sandpoint, ID. Owner/farmer ...
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Illinois Grower Tests Mighty Mustard® in Standing Corn Crop

Trenton Carley, farmer and owner of Full Throttle Ag Services in Milford, IL, planted a mix of Mighty Mustard® Trifecta Power Blend™️ and other cover ...
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