Mighty Mustard®: The cover crop with credentials

In addition to 20 years of research proving how effective Mighty Mustard® is, we’ve taken the following steps to earn your trust:

Non-GMO verification

Saying you’re non-GMO is one thing. Having an independent, third-party confirm it is another. We’re proud to report that Mighty Mustard® has undergone third-party evaluation and is verified non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project. Learn more about the Non-GMO Project here:

Mighty Mustard® is Plant-Variety-Protected, certified planting seed:

All Mighty Mustard® planting seed is certified and PVP, so you know exactly what you’re buying: all-natural, untreated, high-glucosinolate, non-GMO, 99% pure planting seed.


Who grows Mighty Mustard®?

Mighty Mustard® is grown sustainably by our family of farmers known as Pacific Northwest Farmers Cooperative, based in Genesee, Idaho. Our farmers take pride in nurturing and protecting their land through sustainable farming practices.


Make your soil MIGHTY!

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