Cover Crop Research Library

The more we learn about cover cropping, the better off we all are. Peruse the research studies below and discover which cover crop options may work best for your farm.

Cover Crops in Dryland Cropping Systems

Orchards and Vineyards

Orchard Floor Management: Cover Crops

SOURCE: Utah State University

Cover Cropping in Orchards & Vineyards

SOURCE: University of California, Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program

Cover Crops for Walnut Orchards

SOURCE: University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources

Orchard Floor Management

SOURCE: Washington State University

Video: Cover Cropping an Almond Orchard

SOURCE: USDA and National Center for Appropriate Technology

Potato Production

High-Glucosinolate Mustard as Biofumigant/2017 Trial.

SOURCE: University of Vermont Extension

Cover Crops can Improve Potato Tuber Yield and Quality.

SOURCE: The American Society for Horticultural Science

Cover Crop Cocktails vs. Monocrops

Monoculture vs. Polyculture: “Straight up” beats “cocktails” for cover crop productivity & ecosystem services.

SOURCE: Dr. Andrew McGuire of Washington State University’s Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources.

2018 Cover Crop Monoculture vs Mixture Update.

SOURCE: Dr. Andrew McGuire of Washington State University.

Grower Testimonials

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