Who developed Mighty Mustard®?

Kodiak, White Gold and Pacific Gold were originally developed for condiment mustard by Dr. Jack Brown, Professor of Breeding and Genetics at the University of Idaho. But Dr. Brown knew there was potential for another use: biofumigation.

“Plants are a lot smarter than people.” - Dr. Jack Brown

Kodiak, Pacific Gold and White Gold all contain high levels of glucosinolates. These chemical agents, found in all brassicas, deliver a deadly punch to many soilborne pathogens, nematodes and weeds. Some chemical companies incorporate a synthesized version of glucosinolates into pesticides and fungicides. But as Dr. Brown says, “Plants are a lot smarter than people.”

Mighty Mustard® delivers multiple soil-building benefits that chemical treatments can’t. Because it’s all-natural cover crop seed, Mighty Mustard® isn’t always as effective as chemical treatments. But if you’re interested in working with nature instead of against it, Mighty Mustard® is what you’re looking for.


The science of biofumigation

The research team at the University of Idaho’s Soil Biochemistry & Environmental Organic Chemistry, led by Dr. Matthew Morra, has conducted biofumigation research with mustard and rapeseed plants since 1988. For more information, please visit the University of Idaho's research page.

Why are there three varieties of Mighty Mustard®?

Kodiak, Pacific Gold and White Gold all contain different glucosinolates. White Gold glucosinolates suppress weeds. Kodiak and Pacific Gold glucosinolates are biologically active against insects, nematodes and fungal pathogens, such as sclerotinia and Verticilium wilt. The Kodiak and White Gold varieties produce more biomass than Pacific Gold.

Who grows Mighty Mustard®?

Mighty Mustard® is grown sustainably by a family of farmers, Pacific Northwest Farmers Cooperative, based in Genesee, Idaho. Our farmers take pride in nurturing and protecting their land through sustainable farming practices.

Mighty Mustard® is Plant-Variety-Protected, certified planting seed:

Mighty Mustard® is certified and PVP, so you know exactly what you’re buying: all-natural, high-glucosinolate, non-GMO, 99% pure planting seed.

Mighty Mustard® is verified non-GMO

Mighty Mustard® has undergone third-party evaluation and is verified non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project. Learn more about The Non-GMO Project here:


Where can I buy Mighty Mustard®?

Click HERE to go to our Where To Buy section for a list of retailers and distributors. We’re constantly reaching out to new retailers and distributors nationwide to find new partners, so stay tuned! For questions, please call Kim or Matt at PNW Co-op, located in Spokane, WA. Our phone number is (509) 487-0755. You may also send an e-mail to:


For more information, please visit our FAQ page, or click on Varieties, Benefits, or Uses.


"It grows like crazy!"

"This stuff really works and grows like crazy!  Mighty Mustard® could very easily work with the entire city of Baltimore.  There is a great need for lot and soil amending."

- Arthur Morgan, organic farmer and Founder of Hamilton Crop Circle
Baltimore, MD