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Mighty Mustard®: From our family farms to yours

All Mighty Mustard®​ varieties were bred conventionally by Dr. Jack Brown, Professor of Breeding and Genetics at the University of Idaho. Mighty Mustard is grown and distributed by Pacific Northwest Farmers Cooperative, a family of farms based in Genesee, Idaho.

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Plants are a lot smarter than people.

Dr. Jack Brown

Kodiak, Pacific Gold and White Gold all contain high levels of glucosinolates. These chemical agents, found in all brassicas, deliver a deadly punch to many soilborne pathogens, nematodes and weeds. Some chemical companies incorporate a synthesized version of glucosinolates into pesticides and fungicides. But as Dr. Brown says, “Plants are a lot smarter than people.”

Mighty Mustard® delivers multiple soil-building benefits that chemical treatments can’t. Because it’s all-natural cover crop seed, Mighty Mustard® isn’t always as effective as chemical treatments. But if you’re interested in working with nature instead of against it, Mighty Mustard® is what you’re looking for.


All Mighty Mustard® is:

Grown by PNW Co-op: A small company with one big goal.

Mighty Mustard® is grown by a family of farmers known as Pacific Northwest Farmers Cooperative, or PNW Co-op. Together our families share one goal: Connect people to our farms and the healthy food we grow.

One member, one vote

PNW Co-op was founded over 100 years ago, when farmers hauled their grain with horse-pulled wagons to a single silo. Today, PNW Co-op is comprised of 750 members and 350 active farms that ship grains and legumes all over the world. Each member receives one vote. The co-op’s Board of Directors is comprised of nine active grower- members and one independent non-voting outside business consultant.

Providing Quality Assurance from the ground up

At PNW Co-op, we hold our products to the highest standards. To ensure a high level of quality, PNW Co-op carries the following certifications from independent, third-party auditors: Kosher Certified, Farmed Smart Certified and Non-GMO Project Verified. We’re also PrimusGFS Certified, ensuring that our production processes and food safety programs meet the strict standards set forth by independent and internationally-
recognized PrimusGFS auditors. Copies of the certificates are available upon request.

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