ABOUT Pnw Co-op

Pacific Northwest Farmers Cooperative, or PNW Co-op, is a family of farms based in Genesee, Idaho. Our co-op started over 100 years ago, when farmers hauled their grain with horse-pulled wagons to a single silo. Today, PNW Co-op is comprised of 750 members and 350 active farms that ship grains and legumes all over the world. Each member of PNW Co-op receives one vote. The co-op's Board of Directors is comprised of nine active grower-members and one independent non-voting outside business consultant. Watch this video to learn more about our family farms.

PNW Co-op proudly supplies non-GMO specialty grains and seeds grown on Pacific Northwest family farms. Everything we grow is verified by the Non-GMO Project. We're passionate about supporting local, sustainable agriculture and welcome the opportunity to meet local growers.

Through our Mighty Mustard® Service Corps, we donate seed to non-profit groups and researchers improving their communities through sustainable agriculture. If you're interested in conducting research trials, please contact us.

For more information, please call Matt Davidson or Kim Davidson at (509) 487-0755 or email Info@MightyMustard.com. We welcome the opportunity to serve you.



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